Have you or someone you know been charged with a DUI in the Oakland area? If so, this is not the type of case that you can brush off. It’s a serious offense, and the authorities are very adamant about making sure that everyone who commits the crime be punished. Even if you are smart and confident, it does not mean that you can walk into the courtroom, stand in front of a judge and get the charges against you dropped.

The DUI laws are very complicated, and you will need to have an Oakland DUI attorney working with you for the best results. If you do not have an attorney working with you, it is important to understand some of the dangers that you could be facing.

Fines, Jail Time, and Your License

If you do not have an Oakland DUI lawyer working with you, there is a good chance that you will face larger fines. Many times, these fines are several thousand dollars. In addition, you will have your license suspended in most cases. It can be very difficult to get your license back, and without your license you will have a difficult time getting to and from work, running errands, and taking care of everything else that you have to do.

In some cases, you will be facing time in jail as well. You do not have the time for that, and your reputation will certainly take a hit if that happens. You will also have to go through DUI school.

The DMV in California will keep the DUI convictions on the record for at least ten years, and this could make it more difficult for you to find employment later. It can also increase your insurance premiums, and even your credit rating. If your DUI took place on federal land, the punishments can be even more severe.

What Can An Attorney Do?

When you have an experienced Oakland DUI attorney working with you, they can provide you with the legal representation and advice that you need. They can help to ensure your rights are protected, and they work to find ways to get your case dismissed, or to at least have the charges and penalties reduced. The Oakland DUI lawyers can even help in regards to your license, and may be able to help you keep your license, or at least get a restricted license in some cases.

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