Protect your California Driving Privilege

You have only 10 days from your date of DUI arrest to request a DMV Hearing or your license will automatically be suspended!

For most people arrested for DUI in Northern California, Bair Legal will request a DMV hearing for you completely free-of-charge. Once there has been a DMV hearing request, you will receive a stay on the suspension of your license — you can continue to drive until the DMV or court takes further action.

Our complimentary service includes executing the proper DMV procedures to request an Administrative Hearing, sending them to the correct DMV Driver Safety Office, and requesting all documents that the DMV plans to use against you. We will also maintain evidence proving that the hearing was requested in the event that the DMV fails to enter the request and implements the stay on your suspension.

While our free service can provide immediate protection for your driving privilege, it does not extend to representing you at the DMV hearing. Bair Legal can only represent retained clients with the California DMV and court system.

If your arrest was less than 10 days ago, act now to protect your California driving privilege. Call (510) 434-1400 to arrange for us to request a DMV Hearing, or fill out our contact form to have us call you.