How to Choose an Attorney That Knows Federal DUI Laws

What should you do if you’ve been charged with a DUI on federal land? First, you have to understand that the laws of the state of California in these cases, even though they are similar to the federal laws, do not apply. Instead, you will be charged with a federal crime, and that means you will be going to federal court with federal prosecutors. If this sounds intimidating, that’s because it is. If you are facing this charge, you need to get in touch with an Oakland DUI attorney who can help you with the case.

The Right Attorney

You shouldn’t choose just any attorney to work with you, even if they have handled DUI cases in the past. You need to have someone who has actual experience working on DUI cases that have happened on federal land. These attorneys will be capable of imparting your rights to you, as well as specific potential punishments.

An experienced Oakland DUI attorney with federal DUI case experience will also let you understand the steps you need to take and what strategy would be best to use with your case. In some cases, the circumstances surrounding the case may get it dismissed entirely, or at least reduce the penalties. Only those who have experience with federal cases will be able to help in these instances, and it is certainly not a road you want to walk alone.

The Dangers of Not Having a Good Attorney

You may wonder what would happen if you didn’t have an attorney for your case. The answer is, you would have to face federal prosecutors on your own—and that's not something anyone should do. You could face up to $5,000 in fines, as well as the loss of your license and potential jail time. Federal DUIs are very serious cases, and without an Oakland DUI attorney with experience in federal cases working with you, the outcome will be bleak.

When you are speaking with attorneys, make sure that you question them about their experience in these matters. If they don’t have actual experience, you should not feel bad about walking away and finding another lawyer for help. After all, this is your life and your finances you are talking about. Get in touch with a qualified Oakland DUI lawyer today.